Fennekin Farmer's Market!

Welcome to my new shop! Fennekin Farmer's Market is currently closed OX


Granted Sales Permission from areica96 on Jan 1st, 2018

-My feedback! http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/irrisichide/

-I ship from NJ, USA to anywhere! You're paying the shipping after all!

-Paypal only

-Prices are in USD

-Haggling allowed when buying multiple items, or an item over $20

-Holds: Up to three days without commitment, up to two weeks with it

-Holds have priority for the three day window!

-Love to trade, looking for any electric types, bug types, Dialga, or Fennekin

-I am not responsible for items once they're shipped out. You'll be given a tracking number

-I have four cats that have occasionally gotten near my items

-There's no smoking in my home!

-Ctrl+f friendly!

-If you want, you can get three free, random cards with every purchase ^^ just let me know and you can give a type preference!!


Now onto the items!!

Pins $5

Pikachu, Alolan Vulpix, Alolan Sandshrew



MPC (all TTO, $4 each): Swanna, Amoongus, Snivy, Vanillish, Gothia, Reniculus, Frillish, Palpitoad

Friends: Elekid $15, Pikachu $7

Misc mostly by bandai: Chimchar (both tags) $3, Zorua (both tags) $3, Small notch eared pichu TTO $1.50, Pikachu (no tags) $.50, Old Squirtle necklace/lanyard? $1, old bk charizard $.50

Emolga canvas TTO, rather reluctant to part with $35

Pichu Bros with Pikachu $60

Tomy: TTO:Bunnelby ($7), Zekrom ($20), Minun ($6) (worn condition with writing on tag), Glaceon ($10), Happy Chespin ($7), Chespin ($5) (Poorly stitched head leaves), Master Ball ($4), Primier Ball ($4)
Both tags: Pichu ($8), Wobbufet ($6)

Heartland okay condition Minun Puppet ($18)

DP plush ($2): Pikachu, Piplup, Snivy TTO ($1)

Pikachu hat in loved condition, pokeballs stuffing is falling out free with $10 purchase

Pichu Kuttari TTO $8 (or trade for awake version!!)

Jakks "16 Turtwig TTO $16 (what I paid for it)


Books!... and DVDS... and hats... and one coin purse!

Coin Purse ($1)

Guidebooks: XY hardcover ($10) (the binding is a bit warped, but the book is in otherwise great condition), HG/SS Pokedex handbook and post-story guide ($12), B/W Hardcover Book ($20), D/P Guidebook ($6), ORAS Guidebook ($12)

DVDs $2 each (all contain several episodes: Torchic, Aipom, Beautifly

Japanese paper pokemon hats!
Darkrai, Emboar, Reshiram, Oshawott, Minccino

If you want close ups of anything else just let me know ^-^



Kids ($2 each) in great to used conditions
Clear and Megas $3

Hariyama, Vigoroth, Bibarel, Gary Oak, Summer Deerling, Conkeldurr, Victini, Venonat, Finneon, Meditite, Quagsire, Awake Munchlax, Sleeping Munchlax, Magnemite, Magneton, Boufallant, Gyrados, Magikarp, Piloswine, Mamoswine, Crynogal, Keledo (x2), Sawk, Throh, Tirtouga, Carracosta, Lairon, Aggron, Froakie, Sandshrew, Raichu, Attack Raichu, Vanillite, Vanillish, Ursaring, Ponyta, Cobalion, Terrekion, Genesect, Clampearl, Bastiodon, Starmie, Staryu, Murkrow, Azelf, Uxie, Bagon, Heracross, Poliwhirl, Snorunt, Clear Snorunt, Clear Kyogre, Clear Wailmer, Tentacool, Fraligatr, Tentacruel, Ferroseed, Butterfree, Emboar, Tauros, Scraggy, Scrafty, Mawile 1, Mawile 2, Mega Mawile, Simipour, Ho-oh ($), Poliwhirl, Combusken, Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, Venosaur, Nidoking, Swampert, Tropius, Mantine, Lileep, Mudkip, Mew, Paras, Parasect, Hippopotas, Exploud, Azumarill, Slakoth, Yanmega, Cloyster, Purrugly, Shiftry, Xerneas, Golem, Corsola, Donphan, Happiny, Nidoran Male, Vespiquen, Manaphy, Roserade, Rhyhorn Rhydon, Mime Jr., Kingdra, Entei, Herdier, Kangaskahn, Walriegn, Grumpig, Amoongus, Mewtwo, Marshtomp, Ledian, Leavanny, Bellossom, Qwilfish, Singing Meowth, Duosion, Omanyte, Meinfoo, Graveler, Whimsicott, Regice, Skorupi, Drapion, Lickilki


Jakks ($3 each):Whishcash ($5), Sudowoodo, Tepig w/stand, Geodude, Golem, Machop, Golduck, Bidoof, Phanphy, Happiny, Shellos East, Omanyte, Kriketot, Pachirusu, Geraferig, Drapion, Wobbufett, Starly (not pictured)

DX Kids ($4 each): Heatran, Emboar, Cresselia, Samurott

McDonalds/Bk ($2 each): Tepig (x2), Pignite, Raquaza, Tauros Roller

Other: Croagunk Pokedoll fig ($6), Clear Latios ($20)


Tomys: ($5 each)

Tomy Pencil Toppers ($4 each)

Cobalion, Smeargle, Kangaskhan, Mew, Sunkern ($3), Lickitung, Throh, Poliwag, Abra, Vaporeon ($6) (has writing "Cb" on bottom, Deerling, Bunnelby (x2), Meowth, Meowstic, Seaking, Psyduck, Mega Heracross, Pangoro, Chansey, Blissey (unpictured), Sandshrew, Geraferig, Hopip, Venonat, Wartortle, Bellosom, Fletchling, Vulpix ($3) (a bit warped), Flabébé, Wooper ($1, poor condition) Poliwhirl, Mewtwo (Free w/ Purchase, Very Poor condition)

Clefairy ($2, poor condition), Poliwhirl, Pikachu, Diglett


Otherrrr (and those I forgot in the other picture)

($2 each) TCG Manaphy figure, unknown Manaphy, DX Tomy Poseable Blastiose ($7), Wynaut Suncrion cup, Diancie T-arts keychain, Poochyena ($6), Cacturne, Meemaw Zoroark with Zorua, Squishy Eevee bath toy, Deoxys, Combusken, Light up mewtwo

Ionix ($4 each) Eevee, Froakie, and Pancham, the base is for Pancham and/or Froakie, it's free just ask

Bobbleheads and Gachas ($4 each): Torchic, Bulbasaur Minun, Mudkip, Plusle, Blaziken, Pikachu, Blastiose, Munchlax

Other ($.50): Hasbro Corphish, 151 Nurse Joy missing top, unknown torchic, Broken White Kyrem figure (arm isn't attached at the shoulder but it's an easy fix), random eevee, pecil topper sheildon, Piplup Rumble no base, Mr.Mime


Manaphy Figure (has four expressions, inquire for more pictures) $5, Raticate Tomy $5, Yanmega Kid $2, Amoongus Kid $2, Charmander Bobblehead, Tailow Strap $2, Jakks Buneary $4, Moltres Tomy $5, Articuno Tomy $5, Zapdos Tomy $5, Fabébé Tomy $5, Sylveon Tomy $5, Clefable Tomy $5, Wartortle Tomy $5, Minun Bell, Tepig kid painted shiny by yevetai $3, Paras kid $2, Burmy Jakks $1

First Draft 1998 Bandai Kid Figures ($5 each)

Jigglypuff. Rattata, Grimer, Graveler, Togepi, Pikachu, Chansey

Handmade! $3 each! If you want a custom one just inquire below, these will always be open! Litleo will also come with his own rock to help him stand!

Litleo, Fennekin Head, Shiny Oshawott

MIP Tomy Pikachu VS Salandit (2x) ($12 each)

Marill Zipper pull ($3)


Pikachu Silver Plated Necklace $12

Never worn, well except for my my model charmander here XD I bought it for the lightning bolt necklace it came with ^^

It can come in the box or just in an envelope, I suggest the box for a gift ^^ that isn't the original packing though



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I know some of these lil critters were in a previous post, but I wanted to show off the one they came with c:

I don't regret buying any of this weeeeee

(tiny, tiny) Preview:

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Also have another set of Meowth, Bunnelby, and Sylveon tomys, and Emolga pokecen plush not pictured and two emolga plush on their way :D